You Are Important to Us!

What our customers can expect


If you are a customer of Bob’s Transmissions, you will notice that you are very important to us! For your convenience we provide city towing and a courtesy car at a nominal cost if you need a major repair.  You see, we realize that without you we would have no work to do and therefore there would be no reason for us to be here. For us to be successful, we need you to feel that you were successful in choosing the right transmission company to do the repairs that you need.

You must feel that we were consistently fair and courteous with you from our initial contact with you right up until you drive home with your vehicle. You must be totally satisfied with our service and workmanship.

Only then can we be confident that you will return some day with additional repair work. We want you to feel comfortable sending your friends and relatives to us as well. Maybe that’s why more than 70% of all the work we do is from our previous customers or referrals to us by our previous customers.

It’s no accident that our motto is “building relationships, one transmission at a time”. This is a firm belief that is woven through our daily transactions with anyone that has contact with Bob’s Transmissions. Our customers and our suppliers are treated with the utmost respect and fairness whether we are dealing with them on the telephone or in person. We have built these relationships constantly every day since we opened in 1974. Just give us a call and you’ll find out that we live our motto… every single day!

We provide you with professional diagnostic techniques that will allow us to determine the nature of your transmission problem and properly solve it in the least expensive manner possible.

No repairs will ever be performed without your authorization. You will know the extent of and the price of any repairs required before any work is performed.




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