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Our Prices

Our pricing policies are very competitive and are accurate. Each repair price is computer generated and is directly related to our cost of doing business.

We have a unique philosophy regarding the prices we charge our customers. This philosophy is comprised of two parts.

  1. We believe that the price we charge you for repairing your transmission should be directly related to our cost of providing that service to you.
  2. We believe that those customers that have less seriously damaged transmissions should pay less than those with the same transmission type that is more seriously damaged.

We do not believe in “off the shelf pricing”. Many franchised shops and transmission factories use this method of pricing. All same transmission type customers pay the same price. This is not fair to the vehicle owner who gets his vehicle to us with only minimal damage. He deserves to pay less than his neighbor who drives his vehicle until it won’t drive any more. Think about it? Do you want to subsidize your neighbor’s transmission repair bill? I don’t think so either.

This brings us to another very important pricing point. Whatever repair we perform for you, we can only charge you for the time to perform the repair (labour) and the materials required to correct the malfunction (parts). The more parts or labour required to repair your vehicle the greater the repair cost will be. So, bring your car to us immediately if you notice a problem … it will save you money!

Remember……. less labour or parts required = a smaller repair bill.

We accept all forms of payment. Visa, MasterCard,  Debit Cards, AMEX,  your personal or company cheque is fine as well. We also can help you access a budget plan O.A.C. that will allow you to make monthly payments.

Receive 10% off all parts and labour*

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