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We pride ourselves on providing you with the finest service that is possible. For larger repairs we provide free city towing and a free courtesy car if you require one. All repairs are diagnosed and repaired in a timely and efficient manner. Written and detailed estimates are standard procedure at Bob’s Transmissions.We are “specialists” in the repair and reconditioning of automatic transmissions for all types of vehicles. As we have been doing this since 1974 at our present location we like to think that we are quite good at what we do. Our technicians are industry trained and tested. Keeping up with technological advances to today’s very sophisticated electronic transmissions is a constant challenge. We provide the tools, the equipment and the training required to keep our technicians current in all phases of diagnosing and repairing today’s late model vehicles.

Many people phone us requesting transmission pricing information for their particular vehicle. While it is possible to provide you with some pricing information, we are unable to properly diagnose your transmission problem and price the repairs required until we have checked your car. So, we will need to see and test your car before any accurate pricing information can be submitted for your approval. Our road-test service is provided at no charge to you. Advice is always free as well!


Over the years, literally hundreds of our customers that thought they had a serious transmission problem, found that they had little or no transmission problem at all. It’s amazing how other parts of your car will affect the operation of your transmission. So, it’s important that you allow us to check your car before a diagnosis is arrived at. Remember, a telephone diagnosis is rarely accurate and can cost you much more in the long run! Many people have purchased an exchange transmission after a telephone diagnosis and installed the unit, only to find that the problem was still the same. The reason? The problem wasn’t the transmission after all but rather a clogged engine exhaust pipe, a poorly tuned engine, a broken axle, broken engine mount, clogged engine air cleaner, low transmission fluid, a bad electrical connection or component and I could go on and on. Never agree to have repairs performed to your transmission until you have a complete professional analysis of the problem.


We supply GM/MOPAR/DODGE Powertrains with Factory Warranty

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