In some ways a vehicle is like a body. With our body, we do preventative maintenance without even thinking about it. We try to eat the right things, exercise, get enough sleep and get regular checkups with our doctors (or at least we should be). When we don’t do these things our bodies stop working properly. The same principles can be applied to a vehicle. Make sure to feed it the right fuel, change the filters and fluids regularly as necessary and take it to the “doctor” for regular checkups. Here are a few benefits of regular preventative maintenance:

  1. Save time and money – Maintaining your vehicle can significantly reduce the risk of an untimely breakdown cutting into your family vacation or work schedule. Regular inspections can help catch potentially major and costly failures before they happen. It can also help reduce your overall vehicle maintenance costs.
  2. Confidence – Having a well-maintained vehicle will give you confidence and piece of mind while behind the wheel knowing your vehicle will start up and get you where you need to go, even on those -40C days.
  3. Helps Extend the Life of your Vehicle – If you are thinking about keeping your vehicle for the long term, investing in preventative maintenance can help extend the life of your vehicle and can save you from an unexpected vehicle purchase.
  4. Resale Value – And if you are not planning to keep your vehicle for its life, keeping it well maintained can help with the resale value.

We recommend referring to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the manufacturers recommended service schedule.

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Drive safe!