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At Bob’s Transmissions in Winnipeg, we provide differential service and repair. During the turn of a wheel, a differential lets the outer drive wheel rotate faster than the inner drive wheel. The differential splits the engine power two ways; this allows each wheel to spin at a different speed. The differential oil is used to cool the differential and provide the necessary lubrication.

Differential Maintenance

Differential oil should be changed periodically to maintain the performance and functionality of your vehicle. It is a good idea to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to confirm the manufacturer’s maintenance interval recommendation for your vehicle’s differential. Signs of differential problems include:

✔ ​​Noisy when accelerating or decelerating
✔ ​Shuddering when turning corners

✔ ​Noise increase with road speed
✔ ​No movement

What Is a Transfer Case?

The transfer case is part of the drive train of a four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle. The engine powers the transmission, which in turn sends that power to the transfer case. The transfer case then divides the power between the front and rear wheels of the vehicle in order to enhance traction or provide more torque.

Transfer Case Fluid

This fluid lubricates the internal components as well as absorbs the heat generated by the transfer case. For optimal performance and functionality, it is important to change the fluid periodically. We recommend checking your vehicle’s owner’s manual to confirm the manufacturer’s maintenance interval recommendation for your vehicle’s transfer case. Here are a few instances when you might need our expertise:

✔ ​Transfer case won’t engage or shift
✔ ​Noisy when in 4×4
✔ ​ Leaking fluid
✔ ​Trouble shifting
✔ ​No 4×4

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– Shelly Q.

“This may seem long. But it’s one to read, I promise. Picture this, it’s 11am on a Saturday. You live outside the city. You’re in Winnipeg because you have a whole day planned getting your to-do list done. You lock yourself out of your car within the first 3 seconds of your day plan. You begin calling any and all towing companies, explaining the problem, pleading for help. Calling anyone that google gives you. All of them either turning you away, closed or wanting $50+. Some even being unpleasant on the phone, treating us like an inconvenience. Roadside assistance saying they could help you but they won’t because the person you’re with that has a plan doesn’t have their card. In comes Bob’s Transmissions. After over an hour of trying to get help, we started reaching out to auto shops. Bob’s isn’t even open for operation on Saturdays, but they picked up the phone and within 30 minutes, Gary and his little helper rolled up to save the day. This isn’t even a service that they offer. Yet they showed up to remedy the lockout mishap. They were kind and understanding and so reliable, willing to help without question. Thank you everyone at Bob’s Transmissions for being outstanding human beings. I would highly recommend investing in services offered here.”

– Chelsea M.