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Protect Your Investment

Protect Your InvestmentBuying a vehicle is one of the biggest purchases that we will make in life. Once we make this purchase, how can we protect our investment? Most of our thoughts turn to insurance for those unexpected moments, but protecting your investment in a...

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Should I Fix My Vehicle Or Replace It?

Should I Fix My Vehicle Or Replace It?You may have just been handed a large estimate for repairs needed on your vehicle or maybe your vehicle has been in the shop more than on the road lately. It’s come to the point where you are asking yourself if you should repair...

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Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

BENEFITS OF PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCEIn some ways a vehicle is like a body. With our body, we do preventative maintenance without even thinking about it. We try to eat the right things, exercise, get enough sleep and get regular checkups with our doctors (or at least...

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